TOGS Centre Torfaen.

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Events at TOGS Centre

A number of trips have been organised for Club members throughout the year ...

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Togs Photo Gallery

A page dedicated to pictures of our previous events, Staff and children ...

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Donate to TOGS Centre

Donating to Togs is not all about money, see how else you can help us ...

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The TOG's [Torfaen Opportunity Group] Disabled Children's Centre New Inn, Pontypool.
We provide services to families in Torfaen who have children and young people with

physical, learning or sensory disabilities.

This Centre is owned and run by Trustees and Parents.

Special Youth Clubs are run by a team of Youth Workers and Voluntary Workers.


TOG's is a self funding local charity and any parent/carer of a disabled child from 8 of 18 years who live in and around the borough of Torfaen can make a self-referral to TOG's for their child to join us - you DO NOT need to be referred by any statutory organisation



Visitors are Welcome
If you would like to come to the Centre and have a look around.
Please contact the
TOG's Company Secretary.
Telephone: 01495 751567

Office opening hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday until 2.00pm

Club nights:  Monday , Wednesday – 6.00pm to 8.00pm